Master Plumbers For Emergencies, Renovation & More…

Sheffield is well known for sprawling residential estates, circling out from the Streets In The Sky, which tower over the nationally renowned Ponds Forge swimming centre. These estates are slowly and quietly becoming more and more desirable, as private investors are improving the quality of the homes. Sheffield is in a unique position for self improvement. We have a wide range of tradesmen available that are working their way around the terraced roads and lanes and completing home after home.

One of the more popular renovations tends to be bathrooms, as they’re relatively inexpensive to change, and make houses much more desirable to would be tenants and buyers. Typically, a complete bathroom refit can be completed in a day or two, and significantly increase a home’s value.

Whereas most people think of plumbers who charge people a small fortune when they’re called out to repair a plumbing emergency in the small hours, the majority of tradesmen shy away from these jobs, opting for a good night’s sleep instead of getting into the car at all hours to head out to a customer in distress.

For renovation jobs, a Sheffield plumber’s life is far more predictable, being able to plan their time weeks or months in advance. In some cases, plumbers are contracting with the housing association or other businesses in Sheffield to provide long term security, presumably at a slightly reduced rate to provide value to both parties.

Looking back to the nineteen seventies and eighties, the average cost of replacing a bathroom is broadly the same as today once you adjust for inflation, so that means there’s a lot more profit in the job for plumbers. This is because the bathroom suites are much cheaper than a few decades ago, due to the improved manufacturing facilities in factories meaning that large numbers of units can be produced quickly and inexpensively. Today you can go and pick up a new bathroom suite in stores like B&Q there and then, whereas in the past you would need to order in advance.

The types of bathroom refit that are happening in Sheffield also lend themselves well to this model, as they tend to be like-for-like modernisations rather than high end bathrooms, which are exactly the sort of suites the plumbing centres and bathroom outlets will have in stock. The most difficult a job is likely to be is swapping a bath for a shower cubicle or vice versa.

Here’s a time lapse video of a plumber replacing a bathroom suite in a weekend to show how straightforward the job can be:


If you’re looking to get some work done and need a reliable plumber, be sure to check out some testimonials from your chosen plumber from their previous customers, and ask them for photos of previous jobs. Any good plumber will keep at least a small record of jobs done to show to future potential clients. What’s more, ask them for a start date and a finish date for your work. All jobs have the potential to be delayed, but it’ll give you comeback if a 2 day job drags into a third week!

Always be sure to get quotes in writing, and understand the guarantees offered if anything goes wrong later. While the work is being done, you’ll also need to see evidence of a professional insurance policy, as it’s unlikely that your home insurance policy will cover damage from tradesmen, unless you have a specific upgrade on your insurance.