Give Your Lungs A Break And Put That Cigarette Down!

Lots of people find it very hard to stop smoking, so hard in fact, that they attempt it once and never even try it again. The cravings for a cigarette can be all consuming with a someone suffering nicotine withdrawal seemingly unable to think about anything else. It can be hard to break such a habit, particularly if you have been smoking for many years. The human brain becomes so used to nicotine in this time that it takes a smoker an incredible amount of willpower and perseverance to get over their addiction.

You can get help with quitting though if you really need it. Nicotine replacement therapy or NRT, is big business these days. Not only that but alternative remedies are obtainable such as hypnosis to stop smoking. Hypnosis isn’t going to work for everyone though, even with the help of the best apps the app store has to offer. and that’s where NRT steps in. NRT tricks the mind into thinking you have just had a cigarette and so slows the craving dramatically. It enhances the success rate of giving up three fold, which by anyone’s standards is a great improvement. Even with NRT though, many people still struggle to give up this dangerous habit and some see it as their only way of being able to relax after a stressful situation. Behavioural patterns link smoking to the reward receptors of the human mind, thus you think you are giving yourself a treat by having a treat.

If you are unsure as to whether NRT will help you on your quest to become smoke free, you could always give it a try by getting hold of some free stop smoking patches from the NHS. As the UK government drives everybody to become non smokers they have invested heavily in treatments to aid those affected. What’s the worst that could happen by attempting to quit? Go on, be brave and try and quit smoking today.